Nuet means
“the now” in Norwegian

It’s that unique moment you remember for the rest of your life. It cannot be bought, copied or stolen. It has to be earned and experienced.

An Old Tradition

Aquavit has been a Norwegian tradition since its first recorded mention in 1531. At Nuet we wanted to honour that tradition, at the same time as burning the rulebook. We wanted to create something new and unique that the world had never seen before. So we did.

The Nuet Moments

In Norway we live for those moments. Whether it be in front of a fireplace after a long freezing hike in rain and sleet during winter, or on a hidden-away island in the archipelago during summer, after a long week in the office. Those are the authentic Norwegian moments we want to share with the world. Those moments are Nuet. Nuet is now.

Fresh And Smooth

As opposed to traditional Norwegian aquavits, Nuet Dry Aquavit is fresh and smooth, making it something to enjoy all year round. It’s uncomplicated and unpretentious, with focus on a few well-balanced ingredients. It doesn’t need ageing, a fancy bottle, or a plethora of herbs and spices. Real quality speaks for itself.

The End Result

It is a simply one of a kind product with a huge area of use. It can be enjoyed neat, or used in a whole array of drinks, as a refreshing alternative to gin.

Our favourite is the Nuet and tonic, with a slice of grapefruit peel.

What’s yours?