The Scandinavian Surfing Paradise

Outside of Stavanger, Norway we find an unusual coastline in Norwegian scale. Instead of rocky shores, bergs and boulder reefs Jæren is a place with long sandy beaches, perfect for small ventures on the waves.

It is 7:20 in the morning. The fog lays low over the lowlands of Rogaland while the winds blow in over Jæren beach. The cold saltwater waves rush onto the beach, one by one. There’s not a single soul in sight, except two guys that just unpacked a couple of surfboards from their sedan. The two, Jens and Kevin are here for a morning surf before work. They have done this a couple of times before, woken up before the rooster to venture the waves of the North Sea.

You’d think its cold, but when you’re there, in the moment, waiting for the next adrenaline rush you’re whole body is warm. It’s a great feeling, it really is.

Kevin, local surfer

Jæren, just outside of Stavanger, Norway’s fourth-largest city is known for being a great surfing spot. Unlike the rest of the mostly rocky Norwegian coast, Jæren has long sandy beaches perfect for rushing into the waves. During the summer these beaches are usually crowded, but in the middle of September you usually don’t see many, especially at this hour. It is not the weather for sunbathing, nor the temperature for beach games right now, but the conditions are perfect for a morning surf.

With wet suits on and adrenaline in the blood, the two early birds are rushing for the sea. The wind blows in their hair on the way down to the sea. Down by the water, they stop a little, hesitate for a second, then sprints towards the cold waves. The water splashes in their faces when they hit. Now the seek for the next adrenaline rush has begun.

“You look straight out into the horizon, with nothing in sight except the next wave, the next little adventure. I can’t really describe it other than it’s magical.”

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