Lodging in a Magical Landscape

Between long fjords and tall mountains, 600 metres above sea level, you find The Bolder Skylodge, an overnight experience to remember.

Inspiring Design

The sky lodges’ design is inspired by the surrounding fjord, Lysefjorden. During thousands of years, a giant glacier slowly carved its way into the mountain under it and shaped the fjord as it is today. On its way down, it brought large boulders and placed them around the fjord. Fascinated by this phenomenon, the architects chose to make The Bolder resemble the boulders around the fjord. Unlike the actual boulders, the sky lodges were thought to have a minimized impact on the surrounding flora, therefore they are built on a single column with two additional supports for the stairs, making its footprint the size of a bucket. This practice is an example of a modern Norwegian design ideology; creating great moments in the Norwegian nature, with as little industrial impact as possible. With large panoramic windows, the sky lodges feature a magical view of the Lysefjord.

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Scenic Surroundings

The Bolder is located in Lysefjord, one of Norway’s most iconic fjords. Carved by ancient glaciers, the 42-kilometre long fjord is surrounded by rocky granite walls rising a thousand metres above sea level. Lysefjord is home to grand mountains and picturesque viewpoints, as well as Preikestolen, the cliff that has become one of Western Norway’s most visited attractions. You can see the resemblance of the Lysefjord’s steep cliffs in The Bolder’s design.

Close to The Bolder we find Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock), a 604 metre high cliff falling straight into Lysefjorden.
On this day in late November we arrived at the Bolder surrounded in fog, with almost no vision out the large windows.

A Sporadic View

Located in the heart of Western Norway, The Bolder has to serve great experiences in all kinds of weather. A night surrounded in fog as thick as porridge has to be just as great as a morning with sunlight shining through the panoramic windows. Here, the weather changes every time you turn around. This is a region where you can experience all four seasons in a day. During a stay you may arrive in thick fog, cozy up in the warm bed while the autmn rain splashes on the windows. When the clock strikes bedtime, the clouds fade away and the cold winter night appears.

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