Fizzy Nordic

Nuet Homemade – 17th of May Edition. Made by Elaine Delgado

This is how you make the Fizzy Nordic.

2 cl Nuet Dry Aquavit
2 scoops of lemon sorbet
1 cl simple sugar syrup (1:1)
Prosecco or Champagne
A couple of raspberries
Fresh berries for garnish

This an easy cocktail for parties that will impress. However, it does a little more work than most Nuet Homemade cocktails. Add ice, lemon sorbet, Nuet Dry Aquavit, sugar syrup and raspberries in a shaker, and shake for about 30 seconds, until the berries have been properly crushed. Strain into a Champagne glass, top up with prosecco or Champagne, and add some seasonal berries for garnish.

Enjoy the fizz!

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