17th of May Gift Box // 15 Copies Available

£ 32.95 (ex. VAT and duties)

At Nuet we’re all about the moments, big or small. After all, Nuet means “the now” in Scandinavian. The momentous day of the year for most Norwegians is the 17th of May, when we celebrate the signing of our constitution in 1814. Get a part of the festivities with our limited edition gift box. 15 copies for sale, containing our limited edition 17th of May bottle, two picnic-style branded glasses and a cocktail book with recipes suited for this special day.

The contents is the same aquavit that made history by becoming the first aquavit ever to win an award in the gin category of an international spirits competition*. The world’s first super-premium aquavit.

*Silver in the Nordic Spirits Award 2020