Aquavit consists of many indgredients, and its taste differ from brand to brand. In this blog post we explore one of the key components in aquavit production; the flavorous caraway spice.
In a small Norwegian village with roughly 60 residents, far from larger cities and highways, lies one of the world’s most outstanding hotels. The hotel with only 27 rooms has attracted visitors from all over the world and continues to amaze guests to this day.
Outside a small town of 4000 residents in eastern Norway, you find one of the world’s most impressive architectural constructions of our time, a construction praised by architects around the globe. But what is this spectacular building, exactly? What is its purpose?
From an office in the Norwegian capital, the interiour brand Fram Oslo works towards spreading modern Norwegian design to the international market. But what exactly is modern Norwegian design?
Restaurants all over the world strive to use as much local produce as possible, but very few take it to the level where they have raw produce living inside the restaurant.
There are literally thousands of soda manufacturers in the world, so what can a small Norwegian two-man team do to stand out in an overcrowded market? What can a couple of guys with a passion and an idea do to be unique?
As long as Norway has existed, Norwegians have promoted their culture to the world in every way possible. Full of national romance, Norwegians spread the culture left and right. But what happens when a group of foreigners try to brand the same culture in a new, modern way?
For almost five centuries, aquavit has been a well-kept Scandinavian secret, little known beyond the Scandi borders. Nuet Aquavit aims to do something about that, and show the full potential of this Scandinavian staple. This is our story.
For hundreds of years, Scandinavians have enjoyed their greatest moments accompanied by the unique Scandinavian spirit of aquavit. But what is aquavit exactly? Where is its origin? And what makes it so special?
We all spend our time working, studying, planning our future, and stressing through daily routines without enjoying what matters in life, without enjoying our most unforgettable moments. How do you escape the pressure of everyday stress? By living in the moment, living in the now.