How do you stand out from a crowded culinary market? What can you do with the ingredients you have at hand to make something unique? Far from everyone manages to make art of local food, but the ones that do, create experiences like no other.
Just like many handcrafts, the art of building wooden boats from the ground is a dying craft. But no matter how dark it looks for any craft, there is always someone taking care of the traditions.
On a small peninsula, amidst the enormous mountains and long fjords of Northern Norway there lies a beautiful piece of architecture like no other. Inspired by its surroundings, Restaurant Solvind on Spåkenes has gotten a lot of attention for its striking design.
What makes a chocolate unique? Is it the taste? The story? The concept?
There are few things Norwegians are as proud of as their heritage, and the Norwegian bunad, the traditional folk costume is the clearest visual sign of where a Norwegian is from. Thus a symbol of their pride.
At Nuet our mission is to share Scandinavian moments with people all around the world. And there is no day more momentous to a Norwegian than the 17th of May, when we celebrate our constitution and all it represents.
While there are millions of docks around the world, few of them are historical and special enough to be at the UNESCO World Heritage List, like Bryggen (The Dock) in Bergen, Norway.
Whilst there are plenty of beautiful churches in the world, very few have the honour of having several exact copies of itself built, like the Gol Stave Church in Oslo.
On top of a mountain, far into the Dovrefjell mountain range, in the middle of nowhere, there is a box. This is not just any box. This is an award-winning architectural masterpiece.
This is a story about a dress, not just any dress, a dress representing hardship and struggle, but also a sign of hope and pride. This is a story about the gákti, the traditional Sámi clothing.