The west coast capital of Norway, Bergen is a city surrounded by mountains. One of these mountains is Fløyen, the popular hiking desitnation every Bergenser "citizen of Bergen" has to experience once or twice.
A decade ago the city most known for its cultural heritage and traditional artistic expression got a new colourful makeover thorough a new artform. Welcome to Bergen, the epicentre of Scandinavian street art.
In between highways, industrial areas and high-rise buildings, on land that once was an empty uncultivated lot we now find a blooming oasis of urban agriculture. This is Losæter, Oslo's edible park.
Ever since its opening in 2008, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet in downtown Oslo has been a symbol of Norwegian cutural and architectural pride.
Hot dog stands are present in almost all major cities around the world, but not all of them have been running for three quarters of a century. And even less of them have gained as much international attention as Trekroneren in Bergen, Norway.
Between a town with 400 residents and a vacated village we find what is said to be one of the world's most beautiful train rides. Join us on a journey along the Flåm Railway.
50 kilometres from the nearest village, only accessible by boat or foot, one of Northern Europe's mightiest waterfalls is hidden. Standing 269 metres tall, the Mollisfossen Waterfall is the Arctic's tallest waterfall and a spectacular sight.
Aquavit consists of many indgredients, and its taste differ from brand to brand. In this blog post we explore one of the key components in aquavit production; the flavorous caraway spice.
In a small Norwegian village with roughly 60 residents, far from larger cities and highways, lies one of the world’s most outstanding hotels. The hotel with only 27 rooms has attracted visitors from all over the world and continues to amaze guests to this day.
Outside a small town of 4000 residents in eastern Norway, you find one of the world’s most impressive architectural constructions of our time, a construction praised by architects around the globe. But what is this spectacular building, exactly? What is its purpose?