A new aquavit experience

Nuet Dry Aquavit mix in a whole array of drinks, as a refreshing alternative to gin. If you love cocktails, you should definitely check out all of our new drink recipes here.

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Nuet Jolie Laide

jolie laide
/ˌʒɒlɪ ˈlɛd/ – noun
a woman whose face is attractive despite having ugly features.

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Nuet Southside

Southside is a translucent, green wonder cocktail that has long languished in the shadows of its hyperactive cousin, the Mojito. Originally made with gin, Nuet Dry Aquavit serves as an excellent alternative.

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Nuet & Tonic

The Nuet and tonic is our favourite, with a slice of grapefruit peel. A brilliant alternative to ordinary drinks like G&T.

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